A resident of the Atlanta metro area, Renault Ross commands over a decade of experience working in data and network security for companies with global presences. Mr. Ross began his career as a Data Custodian in the Network Operations division of Lend Lease, a property development and construction and project management company. During his approximately 6 years with the worldwide company, Renault Ross served as a Global Security Engineer/Architect, managing the development and operation of the business’ first network security department. He also oversaw compliance and management reporting of Lend Lease’s security division, monitored network activity, and configured routers, switches, and hubs.

In 2007, Renault Ross joined the Symantec Corporation as a Senior Systems Engineer. Today, he operates as a National Security Architect at Symantec and as a subject-matter expert on all of the company’s endpoint security platforms and tools. With employees operating from more than 50 countries around the world, Symantec serves as a global leader in network and network security products, solutions, and support. Since joining the company, Renault Ross has worked on or led more than 25 strategic client engagements. In addition, he has designed and implemented numerous security programs to reduce the risk of malware and other cyber threats.

During his career, Renault Ross has spoken on the topic of information security at several conferences and seminars, including a 2008 Information Security Briefing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the 2011 Illinois Cyber Security Forum. Mr. Ross also holds several professional designations, including Certified Information System Security Professional, Cisco Certified Network Administrator, Cisco Certified Unity Engineer, Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.


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